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Your home away from home... 


The building and its surroundings were designed under strict precepts of luxury and safety, and focused on creating ideal environments for absolute comfort.  Spaciousness is a part of a unique, very pleasant and independent concept. Our guests enjoy their condos as their own, perceiving an enjoyable, safe and comfortable vacation or business stay.

It´s important to clarify that we are not talking about “Timeshare”. Our scheme is very simple; rather than paying​ for one or two hotel rooms, better yet, stay in a fully equipped luxury apartment (includes even the five gallon jug of purified water), in the best sector of the town, Santa Cruz, just steps to that intimate and safe bay and beach claiming the same name.

Focus of the founders and directors of IDEAL REAL ESTATE HUATULCO;  Offer to the touristic market a fantastic and unique alternative scheme, different from the traditional hotel, for vacationers or business oriented visitors.  At the end of the day, Ocean Park is undoubtedly understood as a high category option, unbeatable quality for visitors who come to Huatulco for pleasure or for business. An intimate complex of 18  luxury apartments, at a cost below the average of the chain hotels, offering a standard of a similar level.  We accept credit cards for your convenience.

So, when you think of holiday or business trips to Huatulco, consider Ocean Park Condominiums as an alternative you deserve... And we can guarantee... You will be positively delighted!!







​who we are...

We are modern, functional, elegant, distinguished, convenient, practical and located within a fantastic tourist ecological environment. Bahías de Huatulco is located in the coastal zone of the Southern Pacific coast of Mexico, in the State of Oaxaca, in a fully growing and booming area; yet quiet, peaceful, natural and fun for your family or personal holiday as well as business travel, and all within an eco-touristic context of enjoying nature at its best.

Government institutions, entrepreneurs, national and foreign residents and local visitors of the world, arriving in Huatulco, are subject to some kind of universal consciousness that commands subtle voluntary care for our surroundings and a conscious effort to maintain the aesthetic characteristics of our natural environment. You will experience the satisfaction of  drinking in the beauty of this place.... To understand this, it is essential to be here personally.
Would you like to know how to experience this state of consciousness?... Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast with luscious tropical fruit, a relaxing fresh shower, dress comfortably and casually; shorts and bathing suits are common attire during the day... And take a walk through the entire intimate area of Santa Cruz; observe all of your surroundings, hear the birds singing in the adjacent park, look skyward... And take a deep breath...


(Many people practice yoga in the park, you can do the same.)  Evening attire is also casual, or if you wish, don your evening sundresses and tropical shirts.  You will want to shop for those here in Huatulco.


Where we are...
Santa Cruz Bay Beach and Bay is one of the bays that complements the entire nine interlocking bays of The Bays of Huatulco.  It is located only 20 meters south of the village... Just a few steps from Ocean Park Condominiums Huatulco!

Santa Cruz is a vibrant tourist area. The beach is approximately 250 meters long by 20 meters wide, a modest walk or jog, safe for you and your family. Its slope is gentle, its white medium particle sand and sea water in shades of crystal, turquoise and blue, with mostly calm waves. Depth near the shore is about 1.00 meter, deepening to 20 meters away from shore.
The businesses in the area also offer tours in small tourist boats called pangas, rentals of paddle and surf, snorkeling equipment,   boards, hobie cats, scuba diving, catamarans and other water sports you can find at the Santa Cruz Marina and Ocean Park Condominiums, in adition to  restaurants specializing in fish and seafood and a marina from where boats that conduct tours depart to all the bays... And where the transatlantic tourist cruise ships dock briefly during winter months. It is highly recommended to enjoy a delightful ecological tour... 

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